Kazakhstan to increase horsemeat exports to Japan

International Business News  –  According to Kazakh Agricultural Network, nine new Kazakh companies have obtained the right to export horse meat to Japan.

Nine more Kazakh meat processing companies have been included in the list of companies authorized to export horse meat to Japan due to the active bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

New companies include Kaindy LLP (Almaty region), ASEM-ZHETYSU LLP (Almaty region), meat processing company Bizhan LLP (Akmola region), Asyl-Asyl (Atyrau city), IE Kuanysh (Atyrau City), KH “Birlestic” (Karaganda), LLP “EURASIA INVEST LTD” (Karaganda), “ARAY KZ” LLP (Karaganda), LLP “Beef Export Group” (Kostanay) State).

Previously, 34 Kazakh companies have been included in the list. As a result, there are currently 43 Kazakh meat processing companies that can export their products to Japan.